Identity Driven Security

Would you like to take your organization’s  digital security to the next level? And do you acknowledge the importance of an integrated approach involving people, process & technology? Our ‘Grabowskies’ are experienced and reliable ‘guides’ in the world of Identity Driven Security.

Taking control of your data protection? As your guide in the world of Identity Driven Security, Grabowsky will be pleased to show you the way.

Identity Driven Security - Identity Assurance

Identity Assurance

Safeguarding identities and access rights

If someone wants access, how do you verify his or her identity?

Access Assurance - Identity Driven Security

Access Assurance

Managing access to applications and systems

Does a person have access to everything he or she needs to get the job done?

Identity Assurance - Identity Driven Security

Activity Assurance

Analysis of user activity and behavior

Is an access right used correctly or is there any abnormal behavior?

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