Wijnand van Domselaar

HR & Support

Wijnand has 20 year of IT experience, with a focus on development, project management, delivery and HR management. He joined Grabowsky in 2010 and is responsible for HR and Support.

With his eye for people and for detail, Wijnand has a natural tendency to connect people. And uses this way of working to build an environment within Grabowsky in which everyone feels supported and understood. An environment where personal growth is stimulated. Additionally, the technical side of things keep him interested too. This knowledge and experience are of great value in his role as support manager.

Wijnand started his career as developer on assignment at VROM. There, he quickly took on project management tasks and was actively building the customer relationships. In multiple projects, including at Grabowsky, he used this combination of account management, project management and lead development, to successfully deliver projects in conjunction with various teams.

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