What is Customer Identity and Access Management?

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) refers to solutions that allow your customers to access your (online) services in a safe and user-friendly way.

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Why Customer Identity and Access Management?

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) enables a secure and seamless customer journey.

A customer journey describes the different phases that a customer goes through when purchasing a product or service: from the awareness process to well after the transaction has been completed. The online customer journey is becoming increasingly complex due to the increase in digital channels. The different interactions that a customer experiences during their journey with the brand, product or service are called touch points.

Because each touchpoint forms a critical point where customers decide to go a step further in their journey. It is crucial for organizations to properly understand and organize these touchpoints.

Friction is the main reason why customers drop out of their journey. In this context friction means anything that slows down or makes the customer journey difficult. Consider, for example, the time you wanted to buy something online, but you forgot your password. Did you immediately create a new password or did you quit?

A touchpoint that causes a lot of friction can cause an organization to miss out on many customers and turnover. These weaknesses must be addressed first.

Combursome security and compliance measures cause a lot of friction in the customer journey. Customer Identity and Access Management solves this problem.

By looking at the strategic objectives of an organization, we can determine the added value of CIAM. We do this on the basis of the Digital Identity business drivers.

Digital Identity business drivers

User Experience

Customers are more active, empowered and better informed than ever before. They demand a personalized omnichannel customer experience (CX). For many organizations this is a difficult task to achieve. The proliferation of tools and platforms that organizations use, quickly creates a fragmented customer experience. CIAM integrates an organization’s customer-facing applications, such as customer portals, websites and mobile apps. This integration enables a seamless registration and login process that propagates the brand, such as providing a brand-consistent Single-Sign On (SSO) experience and integrating Social-Login functionalities.

Business Enablement

CIAM enables organizations to use information about the customer to make decisions that drive higher conversions and deliver better service. For example, progressive profiling allows you to gradually create a profile of your customers in order to provide them with a personal experience that increases conversion.

Business Efficiency

Building your own CIAM solution is expensive to maintain and often offers only limited value. A good CIAM solution enables a development team to add and maintain CIAM functionalities to business operations quickly, easily and efficiently.

Security & Risk

Losing customer data can have a major impact on the continuity and reputation of an organization. As an organization you therefore always want to be sure that the people who have access are really who they say they are. CIAM reduces the risk of account abuse through Fraud Detection and Multi-factor Authentication functionalities.


In order to deliver personal customer experience, organizations need more and more information from their customers. At the same time, customers are becoming increasingly aware of their privacy. They expect you as a company to handle their data with care. Legislation surrounding digital security and privacy is also increasing, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This presents several challenges. As an organization, how do you comply with the latest privacy legislation? And how do you get permission from the customer to use their data? CIAM helps organizations to properly manage customer data and demonstrably gain control of compliance. For example, by giving customers the opportunity to adjust their consent for data sharing themselves.

CIAM offers the following functionalities:

Identity Analytics

Privacy & Consent Management

Progressive Profiling

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Single-Sign-On (SSO)

API security

Identity Proofing

Password and profile management by customers

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