What is ForgeRock?

ForgeRock is a Digital Identity platform for managing digital identities. ForgeRock aims to help people enter the digital world in a safe and simple way. They do this by offering organizations a scalable solution with which they connect all people, applications and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices within the organization.

ForgeRock offers the following Digital Identity solutions:

Why ForgeRock as a Digital Identity platform?

ForgeRock’s platform is the most complete in the market. As an organization you can manage all your identities with it.

With ForgeRock:

You build a positive customer experience (customer journey) by making access to the services of your organization more convenient and safer, while at the same time optimizing conversions;

You get in control of the access of your employees to the applications and data of your organization, so that you comply with laws and regulations;

You prevent that your smart devices get hacked by by providing them with a modern security layer.

ForgeRock Access Management

ForgeRock also offers a comprehensive Access Management (AM) solution for employees. In this way you provide everybody who works for your organization with a secure and central login method. ForgeRock’s AM solution includes:

Single Sign-On – Once logged in, a user gets access to all applications without having to log in every time. ForgeRock’s SSO solution supports modern standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth, SAML, and WS-Federation.

Multi-Factor Authentication – Configure an additional factor that users must specify when logging in. Use the authentication app from ForgeRock itself or use the well-known authentication apps from Google, Microsoft, etc. With the FIDO2 protocol you can also let employees log in via Windows Hello or a Yubikey.

Intelligent Access – Use contextual information to determine how the user should log in. Is the user logging in from a new device or an unknown IP address? Then you can choose to ask to enter an additional factor. And does the user log in from the Netherlands one moment and log in from abroad some time later? Then you may want to temporarily block the account.

Self-service – Give users control of their account by allowing them to reset their password themselves or unblock their account. In this way you increase productivity within the organization because users do not have to wait for the help desk and can therefore get back to work quickly. At the same time, help desk employees can pay more attention to other tasks.

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ForgeRock Identity Governance and Administration

ForgeRock offers organizations a complete Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution. With an IGA solution you manage the digital access of your employees and ensure that they only have access that is necessary for their work. The ForgeRock solution consists of three components:

Identity Management (IDM) – with the IDM module you automate the joiner, mover, leaver processes. This ensures that new employees can start immediately on their first working day because all necessary accounts will be created automatically. Does an employee get another role? Even then, the access rights remain up-to-date. And when an employee leaves the company, all accounts are automatically deactivated.

Autonomous Identity (AI) – ForgeRock’s AI module uses machine learning based on identity data – such as context, accounts, and access – to determine where the greatest risks lie. The AI module makes recommendations that enable organizations to take targeted action and allow managers and application owners to easily make decisions about user access, by submitting only the high decisions.

Identity Governance (IG) – The IG module automates the control processes that keep a user’s access in line with the activities that the user must perform. This is also based on the AI-driven approach: common access requests are automatically approved and only the exceptions are shown in access reviews. In this way you as an organization remain demonstrably in control, without this being at the expense of the productivity of the staff.

ForgeRock Identity of Things

In 2020 there were more than 26 billion devices connected to the internet: refrigerators, solar panels, trash cans, cars and even toys. All these devices must communicate with each other, with servers and with users. This network is called the Internet of Things. But in addition to endless possibilities, this also entails great risks. After all: the last thing you want is for a malicious person to take control of your car while you are driving on the highway. How do we answer the questions:

How are we able to monitor which people and devices are authorized to use certain functionalities?

How do we demonstrate control over the access to these devices and the information they contain?

How do we secure the ecosystem as a whole?

At the core of the answer to these questions lays the digital identity. A digital identity makes it possible to control access. Consider the following example: with an identity, a weather station can ask for permission to run the latest update. On the other hand, a meteorologist can remotely read the weather station to get the latest data.

Traditional Identity & Access Management solutions usually lack the functionalities to manage the complex relationships between physical objects and people. The ForgeRock platform, on the other hand, is precisely designed to solve a multitude of IoT issues, such as:

Protect IoT assets.

Create and record identities on IoT devices.

Authenticate IoT devices against services hosted in the cloud.

Allow IoT devices to access a cloud API.

Independent registration of new devices.

Set up and adjust the device properties for a better user experience.

Connect and disconnect IoT devices with users.

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