Our services

We advise clients regarding compliance with laws and regulations (compliance) and risk management (cybersecurity), operational excellence and business enablement.

We enjoy taking responsibility for the analysis, design, realization and management of solutions. We work together with our clients on an equal basis, in close collaboration. Grabowsky has a well-trained team of experienced experts, who understand people, processes and technology.

We only adjust the technology if necessary. Our technology partners are CyberArk, ForgeRock, Okta, One Identity and SailPoint. Innovative companies that have proven themselves and are acknowledged as leaders in their field by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester.

How we work

The focus of Identity Driven Security is on preventive measures, which are based on IT solutions. However, the organization surrounding these measures is crucial for their effectiveness. For that reason, Grabowsky offers a complete portfolio of Business Consultancy Services. This means developing a strategy, demonstrably mitigating risks and threats, and selecting the right technologies, in order to achieve the objectives. Always looking at the bigger picture, both in the planning phase and during the actual implementation.

Our Business Consultancy Services include:

  • Clarifying the demand, and designing road maps, business cases and project plans;
  • Analysis and advice following from business strategy, incidents or changes in laws and regulations;
  • Securing internal support and business value before and during implementation projects;
  • Conducting maturity scans – measuring the ability of an organization for continuous improvement – and supporting quality assurance processes;
  • Streamlining business processes, such as processes for granting, modifying and revoking access rights.

Implementing Identity Driven Security can be a very complex process. We enjoy helping you to keep it simple. That is why we divide the implementation into easily manageable chunks; per process, per application and per population. Our iterative approach, with repeated checks, helps to minimize project risks. We enjoy working in projects, so that we can take responsibility. Our experienced functional application consultants, project managers, developers and architects work together to make implementation successful. And our business consultants make sure that the solution is embraced within the organization.

The Grabowsky Implementation Services include:

  • Implementation of Identity Driven Security technologies;
  • Realization of being ‘demonstrably in control’, by adjusting organization, processes & technologies to each other;
  • Migration of existing technologies or process automation;
  • Transition to the cloud and consolidation of the application landscape.

Grabowsky offers organizations training courses in the field of security awareness, where we discuss topics related to cybersecurity in several ways. The objective of this program is to improve the awareness of managers with regard to cybersecurity in general and logical access in particular.

Our training courses in Identity Driven Security solutions are based on specialized software. We like to involve our clients in the chosen solution at the earliest possible stage and offer (certified) training courses for our complete portfolio. In this way, we enable several target groups to get acquainted with Identity Driven Security in a structured manner.

Identity Driven Security software solutions are both specialistic and crucial to business operations. Solution management usually needs thorough knowledge of the subject matter. That is why organizations request specific support for the continuous provision of services. Grabowsky’s Solution Support and Managed Services are aimed at providing carefree support solutions that will take away your concerns.

Our Support / Managed Services include:

  • 24/7 response in emergency situations
  • Resolving incidents efficiently
  • Assistance with upgrades
  • Effective monitoring of service levels
  • Functional and/or technical system management
  • Central Grabowsky service desk portal
  • Dutch-speaking and English-speaking support staff on site

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