Anouk Mulder
Business Consultant

Attractive and challenging. That was my take away after my job interview at Grabowsky. What better than to work at the intersection of business and IT?

After obtaining my Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschappen degree at Utrecht University, I specifically looked for a job in which I could combine my degree with my interest for security and IT.

I started working for a large ICT-service provider and had the opportunity to work on consultancy projects within the IAM domain and decided to further specialize in this field. In my current job as business consultant, I represent the vital link between IT and the business. Collaboration between the two is essential in order to realize successful solutions for the complex challenges.

The small-scale, the informal atmosphere, the broad portfolio of clients and the opportunity to develop myself are what actually make my work at Grabowsky attractive and challenging!

Paulina Eijgelaar

Paulina Eijgelaar
IAM Consultant

During my studies of Human Movement Sciences, I acquired an interest in scripting. Therefore, I moved from the North to the West to become an IT professional.

After having administered security applications for years, I wanted to start implementing these instead. That is how I ended up at Grabowsky. I enjoy that I am able to use my experience to provide custom advice to both small and large companies, to elevate their level of Privileged Account Security (PAS).

Together with Grabo colleagues, we work with key users at the customer’s side, from security officers to system administrators, to provide advice, and usually to design and implement an IAM or PAS solution. Usually a work week has much variety; I visit various customers throughout the country, and usually I am able to visit the office for one day. This is where colleagues come together and help each other, but besides working hard, there is also room for some good fun at the fuss ball or lunch tables.

The ambiance is always good and contact with colleagues remains when I am at a customer’s site. It feels great to be part of a team in which everyone has his/her expertise and uses this to help each other immediately.


Nigel Karsidi
Solution Consultant

I have a passion for IT. That passion goes further than just the technology, it also involves all aspects of implementing a solution that actually makes a difference for people. After graduating from Delft University of Technology, where I studied Computer Science, it made sense for me to start working as a consultant.

The beautiful thing of working within the domain of information security is that it touches upon all parts of an organization. Because of that it is more than just IT. When we work on information security, we are working with legislation, policy, processes, technology and, maybe most importantly, people.

For me, Grabowsky provides a great combination of reasons for wanting to get up in the morning: the challenge of working for some of the largest and most complex organisations, and also the personal atmosphere that you can only be found at small companies.

Alexiane Chesné

Alexiane Chesné
Business Consultant

I chose IT studies because I was fascinated by the possibilities of creating tools, in so many various domains, to improve users lives.

After some years in pure development, I moved to the "before" and "after" within projects as it became more and more important to me to understand the right problem and help people change to new ways of working.
I also always had affinity with non-functional requirements and this is how I specialized in some aspects of the security landscape.
My first experience with IAM was as a customer, where Grabowsky delivered a project.
I was enthusiastic by the domain, that embrace the whole company and is not purely IT, the technology, that is complex and powerful and the people, that I found solution and customer oriented.
I joined Grabowsky Belgium as I wanted to be part of that team, and I find a lot of diversity in my job and have the ability to keep on learning on this domain.
Navigating in a world of experts (and non-experts) and remaining humble can also be a challenge. And at Grabowsky, we know how to do serious job while not taking ourselves too seriously.
Besides the consultancy work, I get the time for keeping on learning and sharing our expertise between colleagues.

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