Our Customers

We enjoy working with customers who acknowledge the importance of cybersecurity and who would like to take their digital security to the next level with us.

Not just from a compliance perspective, but above all to increase business efficiency and to protect their own reputation.

We take on this challenge with an integrated approach of people, process & technology. Always working from a distinct vision and with a clear objective in mind.

“For the Municipality of Utrecht, securing Privileged Accounts is of great importance. The Managed Service proposition of Grabowsky ensured us access to sufficient knowledge and sufficient experience when we need it.”

“The introduction of Identity & Access Governance within the Dutch police force is a large-scale and complex operation, where major changes in the organization, process and technology must be coherently implemented. This kind of operation would not be possible without the intense collaboration with our very experienced partner, Grabowsky.”

“Grabowsky understands the complexity of IAG, but makes sure, by means of a clear and structured approach, that it remains simple and manageable for the organization.”

“Grabowsky has supported NIBC exceptionally well throughout the process (implementation of Privileged Account Security), providing clear advice in combination with expert consultants, solid project leadership and an open dialogue.”

The “access management program” is an important part of the global “data protection” strategy of Belfius Bank. Grabowsky contributed considerably to the realization of this complex program by providing support in the set-up of a transparent and client-focused project structure, and by putting their experience and knowhow at the disposal of the internal teams, as well at the functional as at the technical level.

Grabowsky – guidance from business perspective

What about the digital security of your organization?

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