Our vision

Nowadays, extra measures are necessary to ensure that the right person has access to the right data at the right moment, in addition to keeping unwanted visitors out. For that reason, we are aiming for Identity Driven Security (IDS) for our customers. There is more to this than just implementing an Identity & Access Management (IAM) tool.


People, process & technology

IDS offers solutions for business concerns and starts from an integrated approach of people, process & technology, emphatically in that order. All organizations must comply with rules and regulations, are aiming for business efficiency and would like to minimize the risk of reputation damage.

Instead of being a complicated technological challenge, IDS is becoming a prerequisite for success in every organization. Even organizations without any current knowledge of or experience with IDS should be able to have it at their disposal within a relatively short period of time.

We understand that IAM is not an end in itself, but that it should provide solutions for business concerns with regard to cybersecurity.

The value of Identity Driven Security

IDS is not an end in itself; what matters are the underlying reasons. In this respect, we recognize four business drivers that determine the real value of IDS:

  • Compliance: compliance with rules and regulations, among other things by certification of access rights and separation of duties (SoD).
  • Cybersecurity: risk management. In a world where cloud storage and mobile technology are widely used, the risks become more complex and harder to detect every year.
  • Operational excellence: enabling end users in the most user-friendly way to contribute to an efficient and safe organization, increasing efficiency by automating processes and reducing costs.
  • Business enablement: being able to quickly get new users started and connect new applications is becoming more and more important. The ‘time to market’ should be as brief as possible.

We advise clients in all of these areas and work together with them to find out how and where we can reach the most added value. As far as we’re concerned, every solution should at least be user-friendly, maintainable, safe, and sound for the future. But first and foremost, people within an organization should become aware of the risks, and the solution should be compatible with the company’s processes. Only if these requirements are met, the solution will be effective.

Grabowsky – guidance from business perspective

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