Safely safeguard the use of your risky accounts during your digital transformation.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

by using Gartner #1 CyberArk technology

Why Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Voorkom cyberaanvallen

Prevent cyber attacks

By applying proven measures for access and use of privileged accounts.

Verbeter compliance

Improve compliance

By applying multi-layered security and the protection of business-critical systems.

Minimaliseer de impact van hack​

Minimize hacking impact​

By recording a non-adaptable audit trail that automatically keeps track of the actions of privileged accounts.​

Verhoog business efficiency​

Enhance business efficiency

By eliminating manual, time-consuming and error-prone actions of security teams.​

Elimineer shadow-IT​

Eliminate shadow IT​

By detecting and managing privileged accounts that fall outside the management scope of the IT department.

Verbetert extern beheer

Improve external management

By providing insight (real-time) into management tasks performed by external parties and automation of the “four eyes principle”.

Choose the PAM deployment that suits you

Grabowsky PAM Managed Service

A PAM solution in the cloud that includes all functionalities.

  • Provider of unique CyberArk Managed Service in the Netherlands.
  • Quick launch by high level of standardization and automation. Based on CyberArk best practices.
  • No large upfront investments required.
  • Always up to date without any effort on the part of the internal organization.
  • A scalable solution that expands in step with your organization.
  • Experienced Dutch-speaking 24/7 support team at your disposal.

Grabowsky PAM On-premise

A customized PAM solution that fulfills even the most critical demands.

  • Advanced CyberArk partner.
  • Quick launch by high level of standardization and automation. Based on CyberArk best practices.
  • Can be fully integrated into highly critical architecture.
  • 24×7 Solution Support of Managed Service.
  • Experienced Dutch-speaking 24/7 support team at your disposal.

Municipality of Utrecht about the CyberArk PAM Managed Service

Logo Gemeente Utrecht

“For the Municipality of Utrecht, securing Privileged Accounts is of great importance. The Managed Service proposition of Grabowsky ensured us access to sufficient knowledge and sufficient experience when we need it.”


What analysts say about CyberArk

Gartner logo

“CyberArk has a long-standing history in the PAM space and the brand is very well known. Almost all Gartner clients researching PAM products are including CyberArk in their list of vendors to evaluate.”

Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management 2018

Forrester logo

“The solution (CyberArk) has strong password safe, session management, and privileged threat analytics, as well as the broadest DevOps support of any vendor evaluated in this Forrester Wave.”

Source: The Forrester Wave™ Privileged Identity Management, Q4 2018

Kuppingercole Analysts logo

“CyberArk has been a leader in the PAM field for many years and continues to offer one of the broadest offerings in the market, and regularly adds new functionality to keep up with market demand.”

Source: The KuppingerCole Analysts Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management 2020

A matching Privileged Access Management solution for every organization

PAM Essentials

Ideal for organizations who want to minimize the risk and impact of cybercrime in the near future, without any large investment upfront.

Start with a solid basis that will protect your organization against the riskiest cyberattacks.

Grabowsky PAM Essentials:

  • ​Based on CyberArk Technology, PAM market leader according to Gartner.
  • Delivery from the cloud.
  • Choice between a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • Possible from 15 users.
  • Scalable.
  • 99.9% uptime warranty.
  • Option for 7×24 services.
  • Standard connectors for the most widely used applications.

PAM Customized

Ideal for organizations with a complex infrastructure that want to take their digital safety to the next level in the near future, without any large investment upfront.

Enhance your digital safety with customized solutions that will meet even the most critical demands.

Grabowsky PAM Customized:

  • Contains additional customized solutions in addition to all PAM Essentials functionalities.
  • In addition to cloud, also possible on-premise.
  • Extra security by automated links, such as scripts application communication or automated scanners.
  • Advanced threat assessment regarding the use of privileged accounts.
  • Growth opportunities for the management of Secrets (DevOPS).

Compare our Privileged Access Management solutions

Browse through the complete list of features.

Grabowsky PAM Essentials Grabowsky PAM Customized
Effective protection against cyberattacks
Easily reduces the risk and impact of cyberattacks.
Recording of sessions possible and complete audit trail
All management sessions are recorded and irrefutably registered.
Increase in digital resilience and compliance with laws and regulations
Immediately safe regarding management of privileged accounts for Windows and Linux infrastructure.
Development towards Zero Trust Architecture
Important step in development towards Zero Trust Architecture, “Never trust, always verify”.
Cloud deployment
GDelivery from Microsoft Azure or Intermax High Secure Cloud.
Easy to implement
No specific PAM knowledge and experience required.
Cost-efficient through swift implementation
No large upfront investment because of delivery based on use (OPEX) instead of possession (CAPEX).
State-of-the-art CyberArk technology
The #1 leader in the field of PAM.
Starting from 15 users
Easy to scale up when use increases.
Demployment at your discretion
Delivery from the cloud or on-premise.
Comprehensive strengthening of digital resilience
Immediately safe regarding management of privileged accounts for Windows and Linux infrastructure, applications and DevOPS.
Grabowsky PAM Essentials Grabowsky PAM Customized
Enterprise Password Vault (EPV)
Centrally manages privileged accounts in an organization at one location, preventing unauthorized access to critical systems.
Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)
Gives managers and end users in an organization safe access to privileged accounts anywhere.
Privileged Session Manager (PSM)
Ensures building-up of a correct audit trail by monitoring and recording privileged account sessions in an organization. PSM ensures that sessions are isolated, injects the password and prevents harmful software from traveling from the endpoint to the target.
Nearly all management tools or applications
Central Policy Manager (CPM)
Enforces policy and automates password management in your organization.
Disaster Recover Vault (DR)
Keeps the Password Vault running at all times, even in case of serious disruptions (the most extreme being a complete physical destruction of the Vault).
CyberArk Alero
Gives external suppliers and employees access to only the information of an organization that they really need. Does not use passwords, VPNs, or intermediaries, which enables external parties to quickly get started and reduces the workloads of system managers.
Optional Optional
Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA)
Gathers, detects, warns and reacts to high-risk activities and behavior.
Optioneel Works together with a SIEM-solution
Application Access Manager (AAM)
Monitors, manages and assesses system access for applications, tools, containers and DevOps.
Optional Optional
Grabowsky PAM Essentials Grabowsky PAM Customized
99,9% uptime guarantee
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Integrated by default with your existing MFA solution.
Always up to date with the latest CyberArk software
We ensure that your environment is always up to date.
Possibility of 24/7 specific support
Comprehensive 7x24 support by Dutch top consultants.
On-premise possible
Deliverable from a private cloud or in your own data center.
Advanced threat assessment
Possibility to integrate your SIEM solution for detection of advanced threats.
Comprehensive integration options
Possibility of integration with your ITSM-solution.
Continuous development towards Secrets (DevOPS)
Possibility of integration with the CI/CD pipeline.
Optional Optional
Grabowsky PAM Essentials Grabowsky PAM Customized
Password rotation for Windows and Linux infrastructure
Standard connectors to rotate passwords in Windows and Linux.
Password rotation for nearly all applications
Connector configuration makes it possible to rotate passwords in nearly every application. Also if legacy applications are involved. Our consultants have extensive experience in configuration of these connectors.
Linking Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system
Links CyberArk environment to your own Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system.
Password injection and session recording for nearly all management tools and applications
Through connector configuration it is possible to inject passwords in nearly every application. Also if legacy applications are involved. Our consultants have extensive experience in configuration of these connectors.

Grabowsky PAM Managed Service makes complex matters simple

Quick launch

By high level of standardization and automation.

Scalable solution

A solution that matches the growth and needs of your organization.

No large investment upfront

By delivery based on usage (OPEX) instead of possession (CAPEX).

Grabowsky, the PAM expert

  • Grabowsky was proclaimed CyberArk EMEA partner of the year in 2018 and CyberArk Regional Partner of the Year in 2016 and 2017.
  • Well-trained team of experts who understand Identity Driven Security and people.
  • More than 30 years of experience.
  • Certified ISO 27001, Dutch company.
  • Experienced in-house Dutch-speaking team with 24/7 options.

Ready to start? Our team will be happy to help you!