Cloud Security

Managing Access to- and the Use of Cloud Services

The term ‘cloud computing’ already exists quite a while. And the number of organizations that have migrated their IT-infrastructure to the cloud is still quite low. But digging a little deeper it is still going faster than it seems. Searching for a company using the website of the Chamber of Commerce – does this involve a cloud service? Transferring a new website design via WeTransfer – does that involve a cloud service?

Organizations use all sorts of convenient websites, paid or unpaid. This is how it happens that company data is in the cloud. But the question whether company- or personal data are in the cloud is asked of the IT-department. When IT-departments think of cloud it is often in reference to hosting their server in the cloud, resulting in a hazy discussion on ‘cloud’ and the question of whether data is sufficiently secured.

Cloud access security brokers (CASB) help clarify these questions. They provide the means to map which cloud services are being used and where they are being used within in an organization. They also offer information on the trustworthiness and safety of services used, making it possible to match cloud usage with company policy. This way IT can take back responsibility of where company data is located.

We help provide insight in where company data is located and we supervise the implementation; leading to responsible use of the cloud.

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