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Precisely now that we are using more and more cloud solutions, like office 365, AWS, ServiceNow and Workday, the question who has access to what is more important than ever.

It is clear that we can no longer rely on traditional security, which is why we currently work with concepts such as ‘zero trust architecture’. This helps to prevent data breaches by eliminating the element of trust from an organization’s network architecture: ‘never trust, always verify’.

Whether it concerns employees, partners, system administrators, customers or patients, Grabowsky helps to answer these three critical questions:

You decide which rules should be followed when determining who gains access and who does not. If users come on board, or if their roles or projects change, access will be granted or updated, in order to provide them with what they need to get their jobs done. And if they leave the organization, all access will immediately be closed off. Access policy and reports make it easy to prove compliance to auditors. And with the appropriate insight, we are able to automate tasks safely – which means fewer headaches, huge savings and a considerably higher productivity.

Identity Assurance

Identity Assurance

Safeguarding identities and access rights

If someone wants access, how do you verify his or her identity?

Access Assurance

Access Assurance

Managing access to applications and systems

Does a person have access to everything he or she needs to get the job done?

Activity Assurance

Activity Assurance

Analysis of user activity and behavior

Is an access right used correctly or is there any abnormal behavior?

Grabowsky – guidance from business perspective

What about the digital security of your organization?

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