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Particularly now that we are making increasing use of solutions such as Office 365, AWS, ServiceNow and Workday as a result of the digital transformation, the question of who has access to which applications and information is of the utmost importance. After all, we can no longer rely on traditional security and therefore now use concepts such as ‘zero trust architecture’.

Whether it’s customers, partners, employees, administrators or patients, Grabowsky helps to answer three critical questions:

It’s up to you to decide which rules you want to follow when deciding who gets access and who doesn’t. When users come on board, change roles and projects, access is granted or updated to give them what they need to get the job done. And when they leave the organization, all access is immediately switched off. Access policies and reports make it easy to demonstrate compliance to auditors. And with the insight, we are able to safely automate tasks – resulting in fewer headaches, huge savings and significantly higher productivity.

Identity Driven Security - Identity Assurance

Identity Assurance

Monitor access to applications and systems

A truly user-friendly digital front door for your organisation with which the digital facilities can be accessed reliably, safely and efficiently by everyone. It is a prerequisite for the changes that organisations are undergoing or have in the future. It is essential for effective…

Access Assurance - Identity Driven Security

Access Assurance

Managing identities and their access rights

Society is digitising at a very fast rate. Everyone works with computers and this includes the fact that a digital access right has been issued somewhere for all functionalities. Now that we are increasingly aware of the risks associated with digitisation, more…

Identity Assurance - Identity Driven Security

Activity Assurance

Analysis of user activity and behaviour

Network attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can often bypass typical security safeguards. Hacked or falsified data is often overlooked or not immediately detected, which can lead to significant data leaks. Analysis of user behaviour is now more…

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