Access Assurance

Managing identities and their access rights

Society is digitising at a very fast rate. Everyone works with computers and this includes the fact that a digital access right has been issued somewhere for all functionalities. Now that we are increasingly aware of the risks associated with digitisation, more attention is being paid to the quality of the administration of the digital access rights. It is a hygiene factor that is expected from all standards and laws and regulations. This administration is a foundation for the security of modern organisations.

Setting up and managing administration access rights, however, is defiant. The implementation of the selected technology is often still a straightforward problem. It is often more difficult to solve the other problems associated with this, such as the quality of identity data and the quality of descriptions of access rights. Externally hired employees sometimes do not or do not sit well in a personnel administration. Or it is not clear which access rights there are for which applications. Solving this problem means that every part of the organisation is affected, from functional application managers to line managers from all parts of the organisation. This requires close cooperation with internal stakeholders and experience with the interaction between policy and processes.

We provide an effective administration of access rights and a suitable set of processes to keep the administration in order in an efficient way.

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