Access Assurance

Managing access to applications and systems

Does a user have access to everything he or she needs to get the job done?

Access Assurance is about setting up, managing and reporting identities and their access rights.

In a society that is digitizing rapidly, there is also a growing number of digital identities and access rights. The quality of these identities and access rights is essential. It is even a crucial protection factor that is required by legislation and other rules in this field. However, this often turns out to be a great challenge. Particularly the quality of identity data and the description of access rights are often difficult to manage. For example, it is not always clear which access rights apply to certain applications.

To make this manageable, a close collaboration with internal stakeholders is very important, as is excellent fine-tuning between policy and process.

Our Access Assurance Services include:

  • Life Cycle Management – your users’ joiner, mover, leaver workflow process.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) – adjusting authorizations based on roles in a model.
  • Access Governance – analyzing authorizations

Grabowsky – guidance from business perspective

What about the digital security of your organization?

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