Activity Assurance

Analysis of user activity and behaviour

Network attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can often bypass typical security safeguards. Hacked or falsified data is often overlooked or not immediately detected, which can lead to significant data leaks. Analysis of user behaviour is now more important than ever to identify and detect intrusions, suspicious behaviour, or male/false activities.

Essentially, we want to analyse user activity and behaviour, combined with peer group analysis, to detect potential intruders and malicious activity. The best security system means nothing if compromised data has easy access to your data. Today, businesses need a flexible security system that can identify deviant user activity to prevent all possibilities of hacking.

As well as increasing security, Activity Assurance can also help us make better decisions in our daily lives. For example, by advising the manager on the basis of an analysis whether or not to accept access requests, or by identifying users with risky access that does not seem obvious at first glance, or by automating recurring low-risk tasks for greater efficiency.

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