Identity Assurance

Monitor access to applications and systems

A truly user-friendly digital front door for your organisation with which the digital facilities can be accessed reliably, safely and efficiently by everyone. It is a prerequisite for the changes that organisations are undergoing or have in the future. It is essential for effective cooperation within organisations and between organisations themselves. Without well-regulated access, there is no certainty about the security and privacy of information and systems.

There are various technologies that are used to achieve this. There is technology to ensure that different sources of identity information can work together (‘federation’). Other technology ensures that you have one user name in different systems and do not have to log in again and again (‘single sign-on’). Another technology ensures that you do not just log in with a password, but a combination of password and SMS, or a combination of pass and pin code.

In addition, we are seeing a growth in the use of mobile applications. Mobile devices are handy, and the apps are easy and fast. They can also offer extra security: by sending a code to an app while logging in, the mobile device is an extra safeguard that criminals have to deal with. This method of security is a powerful combination with the preference of many employees and consumers for working with apps. This change the way of doing business with consumers and creates a range of new business opportunities.

We ensure that the right people have access to the right data, which safeguards privacy guidelines and creates new business opportunities.

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