Privacy Statement by Grabowsky B.V. (“Grabowsky”) for the website www.grabowsky.com and any url's referring to it including any url’s or web content from Grabowsky’s affilated companies (“Website”).


Protection of your privacy
Grabowsky will, and ensure its affiliated companies will, protect your privacy. The following explains what data we collect, for what purposes, and how we process the data, what your rights are and how you can execute such rights.

The Website is used for information and communication about Grabowsky. Through this Website we collect certain personal data, which we will not sell, but use for internal purposes. If you have any questions or comments about the Privacy Statement, please contact us as follows:

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The following are commonly used terms in this Privacy Statement and their meaning:


Legal basis Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement is materially compliant with all applicable privacy laws and regulations including:


The processing of your personal data is, as appropriate, reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (www.cbpweb.nl).

Data Collection

By registering onto the Website and providing certain information about yourself, you can each time specify for what purpose it may be used by Grabowsky. Grabowsky can furthermore use such information for the general purpose to provide a better experience to you as a visitor. In using our websites, Grabowsky will ensure your privacy is protected. If you do not appreciate processing of certain data, you can report this via Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..

Purpose and data processing

Below is an indication of the different purpose(s) for Grabowsky collecting your data. If relevant, a distinction will be made between data processing purpose(s) for visitors.

Communication purposes:
With the processing of personal data for communication purpose(s), Grabowsky aims to establish communication via the Internet. For this purpose, we register an IP address.

Our Website does not install cookies. An IP address is an Internet Protocol address that refers to a unique destination on the Internet. This may mean that in some instances it can be diverted directly to the visitor's computer. This information is essential to send the pages over the Internet to the right computer.

A cookie is a collection of data, a registration file, which transfers a Website to the hard drive of a computer to store them there. Cookies are used to save information about the site visitor's preferences. A cookie does not identify the visitor, but his/ her computer. During your visit to our Website, no cookie is installed.
Immediately after ending the internet session, the collected communication data is deleted.

Administrative purposes:
Your information is, except where Grabowsky is legally compelled to do otherwise, used solely for the processing of information requests by completing our online contact form. The following information is processed for administrative purposes using the contact form:

◦    Name (required);
◦    Company;
◦    Function;
◦    E-mail (required);
◦    Phone (required);
◦    Your message.

By sending this form you give us permission to keep your data. This data will only be kept by Grabowsky for the purpose of the relevant form.

Origin of data:
The data Grabowsky processes are obtained from visitors, which they provide themselves through the Website. In addition, the IP address is recognized by our server. This technical processing is only important for enabling communication. The data will therefore be deleted immediately after termination of the session.

Provision of data:
Grabowsky does not disclose your data to any other party, except to the extent that laws and regulations require us to do so. The data is used solely for the purposes specified in this Privacy Statement.

Rights of visitors
Everyone must in principle be in a position to check whether data is processed about him. He must be able to inform himself of data processing without incurring excessive costs. On request, the person responsible for processing must provide a complete overview of the processed data about the applicant, the purpose of the processing and the origin of the data.

The visitor of our Website has the right to contact us with the request to inform him whether our organization processes his or her data. The contact person will inform the visitor within four weeks of the request in writing of the data processed, the purposes for which this data is processed and where it comes from, to whom the relevant data is provided and for what purposes.

The visitor also has the right, by means of a request, to improve, supplement, remove or shield his or her personal data. He or she can make this request if the data is actually incorrect, for the purposes of the processing is incomplete, irrelevant or otherwise inconsistent with the applicable law.

The persons acting under the authority of the controller, as well as the responsible person and those who have access to personal data, are required to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data they are aware of, except insofar as they are required by law or regulation to make notices and/or disclosure such data.


In order to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, our organization has taken various security measures, including to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized use, unauthorized alteration, unlawful and unintended destruction and unintentional loss.

If, after reading this privacy statement, you still have questions about our protection of your privacy during your visits to our Website, please feel free to contact us in writing, by telephone or by e-mail.



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